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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> hi commissioners. there is -- there was actually a hope that this would have come with a waiver of the first reading to sort of just give us a chance to move forward with the grant opportunity. the only -- there's not an issue if we can still apply, but if we apply, we still consider -- these things run in parallel. in other words, we apply, but also run this through the various committees and have our decisions and if for some reason we decided we weren't interested we would withdraw our application. we're not sure we're still working on it and the feasibility of getting it in, but i think that's no problem of referring it to the
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committees. >> do we have consensus about that? we will hear this in the committee, but the district will pursue this grant opportunity, paralleling our authorization process. commissioner -- >> i don't have any reservations for applying for taking advantage of this opportunity, so i would assume move for a waiver on approval on first reading if that's allowed. >> you would have to post that in the agenda and it wasn't posted in the agenda. >> could we just bring it down for second reading at the meeting without it going to committee? a: we >> we could do that and still hear it in committee. >> we could hear it in two weeks, but do you need to have direction now? >> i think i heard some direction, which is that we could apply in parallel.
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the other thing is it would help if in two weeks we were doing it because we could refer to the application itself that it has been reads for a first time and it's up for and being voted upon by our district. so it could be something we could add to the application if we knew that was going to happen expeditiously. >> that's fine. mr. steel, would you please make a note of this. at the next agenda review for the meeting of may 27 that we will bring this back for a vote. in the meantime, there [inaudible] will pursue this opportunity simultaneously. that what i heard? >> that's what -- that sounds good. >> that's what i heard. okay. >> [inaudible]. [laughter] >> oh, that right. >> if i'm understanding correctly, so it's still going to go to committee so you'll be presenting at the june 2
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curriculum committee meeting and a subsequent budget committee; is that correct? >> i think we said we would burr pursue this and skip the committee. you could report us back with a report and update about what's happening with that grant opportunity. thank you very much. now, board members, proposal first reading none. board members report from the city and school district select committee. public commissioner wynns, you want to report on that. looks like [inaudible] is not here. >> certainly. the item that we had on the agenda was the review of summer learning programs an all the various summer opportunities that we have for kids, both from
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our own extended learning initiative and others fundsed by dcyf. >> i wanted to add that this saturday is the first day to enroll in the summer program for the park so if you want to get the classes you want, 10:00 am they start checking in online and you can apply. and we had a reauthorization for the peef fund which we discussed tonight. >> which basically was the same timeline. it was informational about when things would be introduced and that there would be these various proposals that would possibly be merged after introduced. >> thank you. report from the student assignment, commissioner [inaudible]. >> thank you. at the april 29 meeting, we had four informational items. the first one was a middle school feeder pattern and staff
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was very hard to look at a granular level at the number of seats available to determine that the middle school feeder could be at the everett middle school and daniel webster would be at james lick and we heard very positive reception of these feeder pat erns. er earns. patterns feature
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meetings the next meeting will be scheduling in the fall. report from the [inaudible]. commissioner maufus. >> thank you. >> so we had an action item in support of the update for -- to our student handbook regarding the appearance so i had mentioned earlier we had sent that forward with a positive recommendation. we also had a presentation on our school quality improvement system, which was always going to be a standing item on the curriculum committee agenda. and it really is -- just we have submitted elementary secondary education act request to extend that skwool quality improvement system into and beyond 2014 into -- and beyond the 2014 school year and it was signed by all of the districts
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involved in that. that was just an update on that information which we had reapplied or asked for an education tension. extension. i'd like to ask for an extension to the next meeting to present feedback on the pathways overview and focus. i haven't received some updating information and when i reviewed my powerpoint that i had at the curriculum committee it had several corrections on it in areas that were missing information and i haven't received that from the folks that presented to us so i will actually speak with them and just remind them that that information was supposed to go to our executive assistant. >> thank you for that report. so we are going to recess --
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i'm sorry, could we give other reports. >> oh, well, all right. >> yes, i wanted to congratulate the graduates of downtown high school for being employees of the year for the jewish vocational services awards luncheon. it was really an amazing testimonial about how jds has supporting our public school students into really meaningful employment. i wanted to congratulate seniors theresa and sheila who won the national japan bowl competition in washington dc. they're seniors at lowel high school. congratulate the san francisco
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achievers scholarship winners who will be honored this thursday, shout out to united administrators who will be celebrating the end of the year on thursday and invite folks to the memorial day observance and the last announcement is about summer learning on june 11 to july 16, opportunities for credit recovery, go to learning. thank you. >> anymore announcements at all. i'd like to congratulate fewer for supplying him with that education and wish him much luck on getting full-time employment. i'd like to also congratulate [inaudible] sanchez as she
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graduates from san francisco state this saturday. and her [inaudible] graduate program in public policy. and now, before we rerecess this meeting to closed session, commissioner wynns would like to address memory of a friends, a former board of education member. >> so even though we're recessing, for the benefit of the listening audience not having to wait, we are going to do this adjournment in memory of at home in thomasville, georgia. she was an elder of two sisters born in west palm beach, florida, and grew up in thomasville, georgia her mother's hometown.
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she was the valedictorian of her class and attendsed fisk university in nashville, tennessee. she met and married ed win johnson, the son of a [inaudible] was a prominent businessman who owned the texas play house and other businesses in san francisco's fillmore district. he became a surgeon and practiced in san francisco and they had three children pamela ed win and daniel. she was an active member in the community in san francisco. she was president of the san francisco branch of the naacp and president of the african american historical and cultural society. she was appointed to the san francisco board of education by mayor george masconi on
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[inaudible]. she is elected in november 1978 and was running for when she resigned in august because of differences with the superintendent and board over desegregation issues. after she was divorced she moved back to georgia where she and her sister cared for her mother who lived to be 101. she lived in atlanta and was torque coordinator. an [inaudible] and led tours to many african countries. she lived her final years in thomasville and fought three
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battles with cancer until finally succumbing this month. her sister brenda jones and a host of dear friends the world over, which i count myself among, her portrait can be seen along with many others on the wall of the el hill hutch community center in the western addition right down the street from here and we express our sincere condolences to the johnson family and honors her as an educational leader. thank you. >> mr. steel. >> i'm sorry. i want to follow up on your report for [inaudible]. i sent you an email on monday at 9:07 am regarding the multilingual pathways presentation. it was supposed to have an attachment including that powerpoint, i neglected that powerpoint, i'm going to forward it to you right now. i want you to know they sent
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you the information, i just did not attach elt. i apologize and will sends send it to the board right now. >> on behalf of of president fewer the board will go into clo >> report of closed session. there is one correction as follows tchl board by a vote of six is, approve the contract of one general [inaudible]. the read out for may 13, 2014 existing litigation the board
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by a vote by a vote offics is. including a monetary payment to the district. this corrects the previous read out of the the board's march 4, 2014 action which erroneously said the board authorized a payment rather than choose a district. other informational items. posted in the agenda is the staff report on the william's uniform complaints. meeting adjourned. >> you have to read tonight's closed session. >> it's right there. >> okay, the read out from this evening's closed session, public employment, may 13, 2014, the public employment by
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a vote of six is approved the appointment of one principal. g
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welcome to the board of supervisors san francisco budget & finance committee for wednesday, may 21, 2014. my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee i'm joined by the supervisors. i want to thank sfgovtv jonathan and the clerk madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. phones, devices are prohibited at this meeting. may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a. items acted upon will be acted upon otherwise stated >> item one the hearing for the veterans and others exercising
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homelessness. >> colleagues that is the fourth in our series even if hearings i called a while ago around our homeless population thank you to all who participated in the hearings. this will be their second hearing focusing on the sub populations to analyze hopefully is programs and policies in place and into the future can be put in place to have a large effect. 0 today's hearing for the veterans and citizens that are experiencing homelessness we've talked to community leaders and others including the va we'll be hearing from them shortly. our homeless people over the age of 50 in terms of homeless they
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fall between the cracks of the safety nets because they're not old enough to quality for medicare and they have a hard time vnltsd heirs in san francisco. for any the ssi is not enough to cover the cost of housing we've had a 9 percent drop of non-veterans receiving ssi. 35 percent even if homeless people didn't think they were eligible for assistance and that doubled in 2011. image e i believe there's a city for elderly we have to make sure their importing gold in ssi and there are a number of agencies that have taken steps to increase the enrollment and the
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life septembercy is between 42 and 52 without homes and we need to do more. in terms of veterans certainly hits home to me my father additional many veterans are placed at an increased risk for homelessness and drugs and alcohol are the main cause. the veterans are more likely to live on our streets compared to non-veterans veterans report fewer episodes of non-homelessness and 63 percent live on the streets full-time. we see a reduction in the
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homeless assistance and we need to continue to do better so thank you to the speakers and would like to invite up hope to mr. duffey to kickoff the hearing. thank you, mr. duffey >> thank you so much for having this hearing this is incredibly helpful to have the committee look at the aspects we're grammatical ill with. as the chairman indicating indicated the citizens are a growing population within the homeless population and the board will have more medical supports in terms of making a connection and making an intervention and supervisor kim has worked with barbara gaza
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garcia through the public health department and also connect we have to be fluid and respond creatively so congress recognizes some citizens are not moving into the veterans housing but be ableing to respond we'll connect more citizens. i'm pleased to share i received an e-mail from our 311 team talking about the using the 311 for the last allocation of homeless beds but the homeless agency has been recognized with a public technology award as one of the best e government consortiums to make those changes we feel are dramatically important for the citizens and
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disabled not to be part of an allocation of 90 daybeds that's an example of recognizing the issues. and h s h has helped with the housing authority and many of the cases we work with individuals that are homeless. i want to touch on veterans i think this is one of the areas i go out and talk i think we can show with more investment and with the participation of the federal government we're able to have a much, much stronger impact and the numbers well over, you know, close to 25 reproduction in the last two years if in the veterans population and you'll hear from our partners the city over the past two years with the inception of the hope office we've been active and catalytic
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combination of federal and local agencies and nonprofits that really is responding to the difficult housing market and to the and a half of the homelessness and we certainly are grateful for what obama and they've set up a goal to end homelessness it was taking 2 hundred and 83 days from the time a veteran moved into housing everything from the unit inspectors that is something that the housing authority was taking 4 to 6 weeks to schedule and for many private sectors we were not willing to wait. the va shared one instance one veteran was rejected in
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apartments throughout the city and he went back into shelter and as a result of us working together and meeting on a weekly basis we were able to streamline and get it done in 24 hours and to insure we were 0 doing the most to advance the veterans into housing. one out of every 5 african-american veterans in the united states is homeless we know how disproportionate the effects are we need more strong programs and joyce will be presenting and joined by mistakenly and mistakenly has been a steering wheel leader of the homeless for heros effort she serves as a staff corridor and her connections is really
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been pivotal in this success of our overall efforts i can't say enough about the va and hud they're no longer two dimeal entities but people we've learned to respect and understand the obstacles they have to overcame in terms of the bureaucracy but the va has been pro-active and willing to be initiative active and hud has been responsive one of the things in the department of real estate think when vouchers it's enforceable for san francisco had they're absolutely no where within the realm of what is take place in the real estate market we've been aggressive and tied up a building at the 2524
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mission street and had 34 units of housing for homeless veterans it's required going beyond the vouchers and required that the va help to cover through peer support 24 desk operations that the city scramble and the city had money to support this building but those buildings require subsidy and it recognizes from this be market it's difficult to school bus of vouchers and if we're going to eliminate the chronic homelessness. one of the most exciting buildings is 250 street it's a hotel off-line in the financial district in a neighborhood where many veterans especially with vouchers they're to live in the tenderloin because of the problems that exist there and the way it progresses a veterans
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progress to get into how's 250 karen caesar many is in the financial district all private bathrooms within this building and two 50 kearny is one of the better training grounded for narcotics by the police department if you walk into as to how building it's bright and light in it, it's brightly painted and a kitchen with rooms dedicated to staff to provide support that's one of the most sponsor important about the bash program it comes with a social worker per population it required a lot of forest on the part of john updyke we're competing with technology companies and others that were looking to master lease this
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this this is one of the most important things it's a time of building and putting in the bash the bash voucher is a section 8 where an individual veronica find a unit to rent or attach them to a project base we attach it to the unit a it remains assessable to veterans so one of the things with the leadership of mistakenly and working with other colleagues in the city we've applied for 70 private place vouchers to dedicate to this building and but all the buildings really require additional investment on the part of the city i'll offer to you it's a good financial investment we're leveraging to 85 percent of veteran support against 15 to 20 percent of the city to make the building pencil
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out i want to acknowledge the staff they've been committed and helpful to secure veterans heirs. the san francisco housing association has a virtual security deposit they'll provide up to one thousand dollars that's available once an individual moves out of the apartment it helps to streamline and move veterans in i've gotten to speak to the small property owner property organization and the aspects of the section 8 they've been reticent to participate and made it difficult and we've had to be more creative it is may or may not thinking. i know that ah